Pourquoi Pas, Plein Sud and OTT collections now available to buy online

Pourquoi Pas started out selling multi-labels fashion brands. From there it has grown into its own label, producing in-demand, high quality, sophisticated, yet contemporary pieces for women at affordable prices.

The collection comprises ladies ready to wear and resort wear. Fascinated by the flair that surrounds the fashion industry, Agatha stocked a number of well-known brands, constantly watching, learning and developing her own unique style that would serve as the building blocks for Pourquoi Pas own label.

Pourquoi Pas designs are all about smart, feminine and powerful. The collection is for women who rely on their feminine charm. Agatha believes that Pourquoipas woman should have a very strong intuitive feel for coming trends. Confidence and conviction.

Presently the collection is all made in the UK. This ensures that the product remains at the heart of our strategy and symbolises the philosophy and authenticity of Pourquoi Pas. The label is consistent in its product range collection. It maintains consistency in its designs, fit, fabric and use of colours. The fabrics are unique, superb fit and some with exquisite trims.

Pourquoi Pas is sophisticated, edgy, luxurious, affordable, accessible, unique, quirky, pretty, sexy, conservative and exclusive. Dresses with the mark of distinction. Pourquoi Pas women are inspired by pure sensuality.

A collection that involves images of lightness and femininity, an eccentric elegance. Pourquoi Pas customers know what suits them, chic, nonchalant, elegance always with a twist. It all can be worn on the beach, during the day and worn in the evening.